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Apprentice hopefuls see stock fall

One team of would-be entrepreneurs see their stock fall even further in this week's episode of The Apprentice when they are left with bare shelves before they even open their shop.

The teams on the BBC1 show are sent to scour car boot sales and auction rooms in search of second-hand goods they can sell for a profit.

But Team Phoenix gets off to a bad start when project manager Tom restricts spending on stock to £200 out of the £1,000 the group was given.

The contestants only manage to buy three items at auction and are left rooting through the bins outside the auction house to find things to sell.

They fail to impress Nick Hewer who describes their approach as "nuts", saying: "They've got to fill that shop tomorrow; I don't want to be walking into an empty shell of a shop."

His visit to the shop does not go much better, with Hewer saying: "There's a difference between minimalism and emptiness and I think they need to really get some stuff in there."


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