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Apprentices in business boot camp

The Apprentice contestants are hoping to avoid getting their marching orders this week, as they set up a business boot camp.

Charged by Lord Sugar with the task of organising a corporate event, trained doctor Leah Totton is made project manager of team Endeavour. She overrules her troops to go with a "Back to School" theme, insisting she thinks a "historic Medieval" theme will work better.

But after meeting her clients, who tell her they want the day to help improve listening and communication skills for their employees, she decides to change the theme to "Army".

This involves 22-year-old Welsh businessman Alex Mills smearing boot polish on his face and barking orders at the clients.

But when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the team are forced to take shelter from the rain, and are unable to carry out their military-themed team-building exercises.

Meanwhile, dance teacher Francesca MacDuff-Varley leads team Evolve, who all agree "Back to School" is a good theme idea.

They decide the best way to demonstrate their academic theme is to buy decorative props, put on a wine tasting course, and have ditzy cake shop owner Luissa Zissman give cupcake decorating classes.

It will be a case of ready, aim, fired for one hopeful when the episode airs on BBC One tonight (June 5) at 9pm.


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