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Archers character deletes social media over 'shocking comments'

An actor who plays a devious character in The Archers has removed social media from his house due to "shocking" comments from listeners.

Timothy Watson stars in the Radio 4 soap as villain Rob Titchener, whose marriage to Helen Archer is at the centre of a current storyline.

The dynamics of their relationship is enthralling listeners who love to hate controlling Rob.

Speaking at the Radio Times Festival about listeners' reactions to his character, Watson said: "The great joy of radio in this situation from my point of view is that it is visually very anonymous."

But he added: "I have now removed all sorts of social media from the house."

The actor said he did so because he read comments on Twitter and Facebook which were "quite shocking".

He said people have said things to him, such as, "Oh I can't stand you", which he says he takes as a compliment.

The long-running rural soap is almost 65 years old and is approaching its 18,000th episode.


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