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Armstrong reveals Geordie dream

Alexander Armstrong has revealed he'd like to use his accent talents and play a Geordie.

The Northumberland-born comedian, best known as one half of comedy sketch show duo Armstrong And Miller, fancies being a character from Newcastle so he can practise his dialect.

"I've been longing to play a Geordie - I like any dialect that uses a lot of inflection, like Glaswegian and Liverpudlian, but especially Geordie," he said.

"Anything can be funny if you're a Geordie. If you talk posh you don't have that weapon in your arsenal," he added.

Alexander - the presenter of cult quiz show Pointless - is glad he has never been typecast.

"I've been very lucky and asked to do lots of different, fun roles. My first big role was Life Begins with Caroline Quentin, which was really atypical. But it wasn't to play the toff or the honking hoo-ha, it was a fun, meaty role," he recalled.

The 41-year-old also revealed he and Ben Miller are working on a new comedy pilot written by Simon Nye, the man behind Men Behaving Badly.

"It's a sitcom set in the early years of the 20th century and it's very funny. We play two friends. I suppose people are likely to say it's an Edwardian Men Behaving Badly but it's not really, it's just a very nice period comedy," he said.

:: Pointless begins on BBC Two on March 14.


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