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Arnie animated about new TV show

Arnold Schwarzenegger says his new TV venture features a "superheroic guy" who gets things done - without constraints like laws to thwart his action.

Just three months out of office, the actor-turned-California governor is unveiling his plans for The Governator, an animated TV show he describes as a funny, action-packed, crime-fighting fantasy.

"I think that a lot of times you can actually do more and accomplish more being outside of the system," Arnie revealed at the MipTV television business conference in Cannes.

"With this, it's a fantasy world where the governor has extra powers."

The show features a former California governor who assembles a team of whiz kids to fight crime and natural disasters out of a high-tech lair under his mansion in Brentwood, and unbeknownst to his own family upstairs.

The Terminator star insisted the show would not be violent, in a conscious break from his cinematic past.

"If you look at my movies, a lot of heads come off... this is not what this is," he said.

But Arnie remained tight-lipped about whether he would be making a return to acting. "I have not committed to anything," he said.

"We are concentrating on launching this series and this character, and then when that is done, then I will make the next decision."


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