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Arnie helps out Kelsey with baby

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted helping Kelsey Grammer to keep his baby daughter entertained in London.

Terminator star Arnie was dining in celeb hangout Cecconi's in Mayfair when a passing Kelsey, his wife Kayte Walsh and their 20-month-old daughter Grace saw him through the restaurant's window and popped in to see him over lunch.

When Arnie and the Frasier star left the restaurant and posed for photos outside, the former Governor of California kept Grace happy by paying her lots of attention.

But despite his imposing build, Arnie was no Kindergarten Cop where Grace was concerned, instead making sure the tot kept smiling by pulling faces at her.

The 66-year-old clowned around with the youngster giving Kelsey, 59, and pregnant Kayte, 32, a brief break while they chatted to fans.

Arnie has been in the UK accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Empire Awards, where he revealed what he'd done first on arriving in London.

He said: "The first thing I did was to work out and then, the second thing I did was to have some good British desserts, so that I gained the weight back after working out."

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