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Arnie's note to cancer patient

Arnold Schwarzenegger has delighted a fan who said his movies helped him beat cancer by sending him a handwritten note.

The action hero was taking part in an online question and answer session on forum Reddit when one user told the star watching his films had helped him get through his chemotherapy treatment.

CameOutSideways posted: "I was 12, I had non Hodgkin's lymphoma. I used to watch your movies religiously after my dad got me into them.

"I saw you as the chemo and the bad guys in the movies as the cancer.

"You always won and it made me feel good, coz in my head, you were kicking my lymphomas a**! Even the funny ones like Kindergarten Cop or Twins... It was my way of dealing with it all."

The Last Stand actor replied by posting a photograph of a signed handwritten note.

Arnie wrote: "I am glad I could help, but you seem brave enough on your own. Good luck with everything."

The fan said afterwards: "This is awesome! I am over the moon!"


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