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Arnold Schwarzengger: 'I've really enjoyed my Twitter Trump feud'

The movie star and former California Governor plans to continue his social media attacks on the U.S. President, especially when it comes to environmental matters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is enjoying his Twitter feud with U.S. leader Donald Trump, but he's concerned the President has time to attack him over TV ratings.

The two Republicans have been squabbling on social media for months, ever since Arnie took control of Trump's reality TV show The Celebrity Apprentice.

As ratings sank, the President poked fun at his successor, who in turn blamed Trump's involvement as an executive producer for scaring away sponsors and viewers.

The former California Governor has since quit the show after just one season and insists he won't be back, but Schwarzenegger wants to make it clear Trump's mean tweets weren't behind his decision to walk away from the show.

"As far as I’m concerned, it didn’t bother me at all," he tells Extra. "The only thing that bothers me is to say, doesn’t he have anything more important to do? But other than that, I don’t take it personal; it gives me an opportunity to fire back.

"We have been having a good time with this whole thing. He has been talking about my ratings, then I can talk about his ratings, which is the lowest of every president in modern history (sic)."

And Arnie insists he'll continue to poke Trump on Twitter, especially when it comes to the President's environmental issues: "I can fire back and say, 'Are you really sure about this? Do you want to go and bring coal mines back to the coal industry? This industry's dying. Are you gonna bring back pagers... or buggies and horses...?' It’s just crazy."

But he does agree with Trump when it comes to the economy, telling the TV news show, "If he is successful, we are all going to be successful."

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