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Ashley: I'm like a daddy long legs

Ashley Taylor Dawson has compared himself to a daddy long legs while trying to master the jive on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Hollyoaks star partners Ola Jordan in the BBC dancing contest and said his dance this week didn't suit his frame.

He said: "I've got big, gangly legs and I look like a stick insect/daddy long legs when I move, so this one for me could be a bit weird."

New dad Ashley also said the energy levels needed for the jive were taking their toll: "The jive is like the Duracell bunny going mental. It's full on, it's full energy... I'm going to be shattered this week."

The 31-year-old said he loved being on Strictly, but admitted: "The funny thing is, it's not something I'd ever thought I wanted to do, so standing there in front of those four judges and taking comments and criticisms, it's like, what am I doing here? It still feels surreal."

Explaining his ability to learn the routines, Ashley said: "I'm stubborn with things, with myself, and I think it's maybe through learning scripts that I remember steps and that's why I'd say I'm a good dancer, because so far I don't feel like I'm a good dancer.

"I feel like I can sometimes get through the moves in the right order and I don't feel like I'm enjoying it in any way, I'm just [trying to keep up] all the way through it. So hopefully one night I might actually nail a dance and feel like I've owned a dance rather than just getting through it."

Ashley revealed he had been enjoying some bonding time with Ola's husband James, who is also one of the show's pro dancers.

He said: "Me and James have got this little feud going on between the two of us, a friendly one. We're like brothers, we give each other loads, he's a great guy. "


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