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Ashley Jensen's no resolution vow

Ashley Jensen has revealed she won't be dieting for New Year, because that will only lead her astray.

The 41-year-old Ugly Betty star said of New Year's resolutions: "I don't do them. As soon as you say you're on a diet, all you want is cheese and onion crisps and a pasty."

The Scottish actress has been living in Los Angeles for several years since she moved out to star in the hit US comedy and despite the image obsession culture, she revealed she is comfortable.

Ashley said: "I know what I look like. I'm not the best-looking woman in the room and I'm not the most ugly. I wish people would be happier within their own skin. People aren't embracing their own uniqueness and they should - it would be lovely if young girls were able to do that."

The Extras star reveals she likes to hang out with other Brits when she's in Hollywood.

She joked: "There is a wee clique... I think it's just because we can all sit and eat potatoes together."

And she refuses to join other LA residents in taking their dogs to see Santa at the shopping mall.

Ashley scoffed: "I don't believe in all that. My dog is a dog."

She is also baffled by their cupcake obsession, saying: "I don't get it. On a Friday in LA you see grown men in suits standing outside a cupcake shop called Sprinkles. That's weird."


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