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Ashley's 'insane' time cheerleading

Ashley Tisdale has revealed she's had an "insane" time trying to learn cheerleading routines for her latest TV show.

The High School Musical actress stars in new teen drama Hellcats and had to undergo rigorous dance practice prior to filming.

She said: "It's insane! At first we learned the routines two weeks before the first show and then a week before the second episode, but now, because we're so busy with the acting side of the show, I only get an hour and half to learn the dances."

She continued: "It's nerve racking, but it's really cool to look back and think 'wow before it used to take me two weeks to learn the dances but now it takes an hour and a half'."

The actress added that she relates to her cheerleader character Savannah Monroe.

"Her point of view is a lot like my point of view, but I'm not as conservative as her," Ashley said.

Savannah is captain of the cheerleading team and is deeply religious.

Ashley, who can empathise with Savannah's faith, said: "My family are split religiously, but I go to church and I definitely have my faith in God, so I can relate to her in that kind of way."

:: Hellcats begins on MTV on Thursday, March 10.


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