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Ashton Kutcher sprouts moustache

Ashton Kutcher has been trying to grow a moustache.

The Two And A Half Men star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show sporting substantial facial hair - but it was revealed to be fake.

Jobs star Ashton revealed: "It's Movember... and I wanted to grow a moustache for (the charity event) Movember, but mine is very... I'm a grower not a shower."

Unveiling his less substantial real moustache underneath, he said: "Mines not quite filled in... It's a little sad. It's not there yet... I have to shave every week for the show (Two And A Half Men)."

Ashton, who is said to be planning to marry girlfriend Mila Kunis, also talked about his plans to go into space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

"It's actually innerspace... You're floating around in the cabin... I just think it will be really exciting to be one of the first civilians to go into space."


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