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Ashton Kutcher upset with publication of family pictures

The actor recently poked fun at the media for mistaking his cousin for his mistress.

Ashton Kutcher has urged the paparazzi to stop taking photos of his two kids.

The actor and his wife Mila Kunis were snapped with their children, Wyatt, three, and eight-month-old Dimitri at a recent diving event in Budapest, Hungary, and when the family pictures hit the Internet, many outlets chose not to blur the kids' faces - as has become the norm to protect their identity.

Kutcher wasn't happy with the photos he saw capturing the family's first public outing together, and he took to Twitter to complain.

"I continue to kindly ask, please don't post/publish photos of our kids," Ashton wrote. "They haven't chosen life in the public eye. Yes we took them to a public place (we like sharing life with our kids) no that doesn't mean we are ok with their photos being published. Please."

Some website bosses decided to act following Kutcher's missive, taking down the photos of Dimitri and Wyatt.

Ashton blasted the media shortly after Wyatt's birth when photos of the family in Carpinteria, California with Mila's parents appeared online.

"Why is it so hard for publications to respect that I would like the identity of my child kept private for safety reasons?" he raged. "Please honour that."

He also recently poked fun at the media for suggesting he was cheating on his wife with a brunette he took for a private plane ride.

"You should have heard how upset Mila was that I spent the day with our cousin," he joked.

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