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Attwater: Gardiner's hair is great!

Dancing On Ice champion Sam Attwater has praised Jason Gardiner's decision to go public about his recent hair transplant.

The sharp-tongued judge revealed the results of his treatment live on air during the final of the TV ice skating show - a move commended by Sam.

"I think it's amazing. It was something he wasn't happy with and he changed it," the former EastEnders star revealed.

"He's a good looking guy and a snappy dresser, I didn't think he looked bad in the first place."

Sam - who is embarking on the Dancing On Ice UK tour later this month - revealed he could relate to Jason's image concerns, having struggled with his weight as a child.

"Being overweight and so on, I went and did something about it and if he wasn't happy then why not do it and make yourself happy," he said.

Sam - who beat children's TV presenter Laura Hamilton to skate to victory on the ITV show - said he was grateful for the positive comments Jason had made about him in the press since the series finale.

He added: "He does give harsh criticism, but when you look at what he says the majority of times it is true but he just says it in the wrong way."


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