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Author Frederick Forsyth calls for stricter laws against dangerous dogs

The writer’s ex-wife lost her pet in a dog attack.

The Day Of The Jackal author Frederick Forsyth has called for stricter laws against dangerous dogs after his ex-wife’s pet was mauled to death in a London park.

Carrie Forsyth was at Paddington Recreation Ground on April 30 with her bichon frise Oggy, an eight-year-old pedigree, when the attack happened.

The thriller writer, who also penned The Dogs Of War, warned that dangerous animals could end up killing a child if they are not controlled properly.


He told the Evening Standard: “About three years ago, a dog attacked my Jack Russell and badly injured her. She survived but I reported it to the police, but they didn’t do anything.

“Police seem to take the attitude ‘it’s just a dog’, but the next time these dogs could kill or maim a child.”

The 78-year-old continued: “The police need to do more and certain breeds or offending dogs should be muzzled in public by law. Carrie is very upset, it’s a big shock and the police need to do more and investigate thoroughly this incident in a London park where people and dogs can expect to walk safely.”


Mrs Forsyth told the Standard her version of events.

She said: “Oggy was passive at my feet when a man entered the park with the dog. He shouted ‘Pick up your dog’ moments before his tore into Oggy. I had no time to react.

“I am heartbroken. Oggy was my life. I haven’t been to a restaurant for years because I didn’t want to leave him in alone. He was more than just a pet.”

She added: “The police need to act, that dog is still at large and I have provided a picture. What if it attacks a child? That is my concern.”


Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

A Met Police spokeswoman told the Press Association: “Police in Westminster are investigating an incident at Paddington Recreation Ground on April 30 in which a dog was attacked by another dog. The dog that was attacked died from injuries sustained.

“Inquiries continue, including an investigation to identify the owner and the dog, and establish if the dog was a ‘banned breed’.”


Forsyth announced in 2016 that he was retiring from writing thrillers after his wife Sandy had told him he wasn’t capable of dealing with adventurous locations following a research trip for his most recent novel The Kill List, published in 2013.

After the trip to Somalia, Forsyth said his wife told him: “You’re far too old, these places are bloody dangerous and you don’t run as avidly, as nimbly as you used to.”

He also revealed in his 2015 memoir The Outsider: My Life In Intrigue that he had worked extensively for the MI6 spy service.

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