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Aww: Tele readers share their pooch's best 'sad puppy eyes'

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Honey from Co Down
Molly from Four Winds, Belfast
Benji (13) from Belfast
Dolly (13) from Belfast
Finlay from Belfast
Bentley (5) from Belfast
Oscar's sad act has owner Nichola "wrapped around his little paw".
Monty who belongs to nine-year-old Kate.
Owner Ruth says Lucy has perfected her sad eyes for when she wants up on the sofa. "We know she is only pretending though as her tail is always still wagging," she said.
Dexter from Ballyclare

Dogs have evolved their “sad eyes” facial expression in order to help them get on better with humans, according to new research.

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth carried out a study comparing the anatomy and behaviour of dogs and wolves.

Their results suggest that the facial structure of dogs has changed during thousands of years specifically to enable them to communicate with humans.

A university spokesman said: “Researchers found that the facial musculature of both species was similar, except above the eyes.

“Dogs have a small muscle, which allows them to intensely raise their inner eyebrow, which wolves do not.

“The authors suggest that the inner eyebrow-raising movement triggers a nurturing response in humans because it makes the dogs’ eyes appear larger, more infant-like and also resembles a movement humans produce when they are sad."

Belfast Telegraph readers have sent in their favourite pictures of their much-loved melancholy muts.

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