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Aziz Ansari taking Internet hiatus

The actor is happy about the current status of his career.

Comedian Aziz Ansari has disconnected himself from the Internet and all social media, insisting he needs to focus on things with more substance.

The Master of None star reveals he deleted the Internet browser from his cell phone and laptop and shut down all of his social media accounts earlier this year (17), because he found himself becoming hooked on reading about things that weren't that important to him.

"Whenever you check for a new post on Instagram or whenever, you go on The New York Times to see if there's a new thing, it's not even about the content. It's just about seeing a new thing," he tells GQ magazine. "You get addicted to that feeling... So the only way to fight that is to take yourself out of the equation and remove all these things. What happens is, eventually you forget about it. You don't care anymore."

"I wanted to stop that thing where I get home and look at websites for an hour and a half, checking to see if there's a new thing," he continues. "And read a book instead. I've been doing it for a couple months and it's worked... I'm putting something in my mind. It feels so much better than just reading the Internet and not remembering anything."

Instead, Ansari claims his new Internet-free life has allowed him to only stay up-to-date on all the important news.

"Everything is fine," he adds. "I'm not out of the loop on anything. Like, if something real is going down, I'll find out about it."

Aziz has also adopted a more relaxed approach to his career, explaining he is no rush to take on another project after receiving two Emmy Award nominations for his Netflix comedy series Master of None.

"Everyone just buys into this, like, 'Oh, I need to keep making stuff, I need to go make more money'," he says. "I don't need to make more stuff. I've made a lot of stuff! I'm financially OK. I'm not gonna make stuff just for the sake of making stuff. I want to make stuff 'cause I'm inspired. Right now, I don't really feel inspired."

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