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'Bad teeth' Brit in True Blood

James Frain has joked that his True Blood character's long fangs might have something to do with the stereotype that British men have bad teeth.

The Yorkshire actor, who is now based in Los Angeles, plays a British vampire called Franklin in the third series of True Blood.

Asked if he thought his fangs were the ultimate statement on our 'bad teeth', James said: "That is hilarious, I hadn't thought of it before, I'm going to actually use that, that's brilliant."

He went on: "I had super long fangs, extra long fangs, I didn't realise it until I saw everyone else's fangs!"

He added, cheekily, that the longer length "could denote all kinds of things!".

But the actor said he had no idea how a British vampire ended up in Bon Temps.

"No one knows, nobody mentions it, it's random and kind of hilarious but it sort of fits the part in a weird way but no one says 'what the hell are you doing here? Where did you come from?' I think Americans have gotten so used to Brits being here, there's always a Brit in the room, it doesn't feel strange any more," he said.

James also had fun on set working with fellow Brit Stephen Moyer.

He said: "The days when I was working with him we had a particular kind of fun [you have] when you're with people that come from your kind of culture."

:: True Blood series three begins on January 14 on FX.


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