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Baer: King wants more Dome deaths

Stephen King wants more deaths in Under The Dome, the show's executive producer Neal Baer has revealed.

The body count has risen quite steadily throughout the first series, but Stephen - who wrote the original book and is one of the executive producers - is happy for more characters to be killed off, according to the programme's showrunner

"He says, kill more! We say, Stephen, we can't. It's TV, so we can't do that. He's like, 'Kill everybody!'," Neal said.

"He's got the dark edge whereas Steven Spielberg, another of our executive producers, brings the hope and light, which we see in the teen characters."

Neal said Stephen King is not protective of his book in the small screen adaptation, which is shown on Channel 5.

"He's hands-off. He lives in Maine so he's far away on the other coast. He's three hours ahead and he's working on his books," he said.

"He's very supportive, he reads every script. He may have a few notes but he's been just wonderful and we love working with him."

Stephen is also fine with the differences between the book and the series.

Neal continued: "Stephen King wrote a really nice letter in Entertainment Weekly to his fans, saying, 'Don't be upset if it's different, if we're not going to slavishly adapt this'. It's going to give you a lot of new thrills.

"You know who the characters are but we're not going in the same directions, and that's good, because if we did, then you wouldn't be surprised. You would just be waiting for something to happen. Now, you see something that you don't expect so you get the best of both worlds," he added.

:: Under The Dome continues on Mondays on Channel 5.


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