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Bafta winners pay tribute to Leach

TV Bafta winners Dominic West and Emily Watson have paid tribute to the woman who gave the title to their acclaimed ITV drama Appropriate Adult.

After picking up the leading actor gong, Dominic spoke about Janet Leach who was the appropriate adult in question and acted as Fred West's confidante after his arrest.

He said: "I hope she has had some closure and we have honoured the suffering she endured and the suffering of all the West's victims, living and dead."

Leading actress winner Emily also paid tribute to Leach, who she played, and admitted she was worried when she first heard about the attempt to make a show about a story of such "truly terrible depravity".

She said: "When I first heard about this show I thought I probably shouldn't do it because of the subject matter - and then I read the script."

But she admitted the role had taken its toll, saying: "I know things I wish I didn't about that case."

Monica Dolan won the supporting actress gong for her portrayal of Rose West and said the role had been "a privilege". She paid tribute to the West's victims, many of whom were never reported missing, saying: "I'd love to live in a world where everyone was missed."

But she also confessed she found it hard to shake off the serial killer when filming ended.

Monica said: "It was more difficult than I thought. With other roles my family's always been amazed at how quickly I drop one and go on to another, but certainly with this there was a residue of feelings that I had to reconcile.

"I couldn't get rid of her straight away. But maybe I launched into things too quickly after shooting was finished but it feels worth it now."


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