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Bailey: Tracksuit kept me grounded

Sam Bailey has said she dressed down for her X Factor audition to make sure producers didn't try to change her.

The last remaining Overs contestant told TV Times she had been offered a record contract when she was 21, but felt she had to turn it down because the company had wanted to change her persona with new clothes and a different attitude.

Sam, 36, said: "They wanted to change my whole persona and personality, but I didn't want to do anything unless it was me.

"That's why I went to The X Factor auditions in a tracksuit."

The prison officer also said she had auditioned six years before but didn't even get as far as seeing the judges and had almost given up on the ITV show forever.

She explained: "I auditioned in front of the researchers - the first audition you do. I literally queued all day, went in for 20 seconds, sang a song and they said, 'No, thank you.' After that I said I would never do The X Factor again."

But Sam eventually decided to give it another go after watching last year's series with her husband, Craig.

"I just thought it's the last chance saloon for me. I'm closer to 40 now and I didn't fancy my chances in this competition as I got older. I wanted to do it while I still feel young," she said.

"It was just a random thought last November after seeing my kids have so much fun watching the show. I applied, and the next thing you know I received a letter telling me I had an audition. It just went from there."


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