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Bakers tested for stress handling

Paul Hollywood has admitted The Great British Bake Off contestants have psychological tests to make sure they can stand up to the pressure of the show - and says he could have done with a test too.

The baking contest judge confirmed to the Daily Mirror rumours from a show insider that Bake Off participants went through the same psychological testing as Big Brother housemates to make sure they wouldn't crack under the strain of criticism before entering the show.

Experts make sure any would-be star bakers will not crumble from the stress and can rise to the occasion no matter what is thrown into the mix, but Paul blamed the large amount of crying that still happens after each task on "the pressure" of the situation.

Paul, who broke up with his wife Alex while filming the American version of the show and was linked to his co-presenter Marcela Valladolid, reckoned he could have done with some psychological testing himself before taking on the fame that came with fronting the competition.

He said: "They should have checked me out."

On the stress of media attention over his love life, he added: "You have no idea. They got to me."

The baking expert also said that he was not back together with his wife: "I'm a single man at the moment."


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