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Barlow: Scherzinger loves to flirt

Gary Barlow has revealed Nicole Scherzinger loves to flirt with him on The X Factor because she knows it's safe to.

The Take That star said his fellow X Factor judge loved to pull his head into her cleavage but that as a happily married man she was in no danger of him getting the wrong idea.

He told the Daily Mirror: "She does it a lot. I've got used to it now. Just goes to show you can get used to anything can't you?

"But you know what, I think she knows she is safe flirting with me. I'm a happily married man.

"She is full-on and that's good. I love it when she gets up and dances - it always tickles me."

Gary was speaking from his judge's house location in New York and had taken his mum along, but said he was missing wife Dawn and their three children who had all stayed at home.

He said: "I really miss them. I've got to be honest; I'm not a very good traveller any more. I like to be at home and I've not toured for three years now properly and been away. I prefer to be at home, but this is great."

The X Factor judges' houses episodes air on ITV this weekend.


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