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Barrowman brings Torchwood to radio

John Barrowman has revealed he is to make a comeback as Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood - on the radio.

The Scottish-American singer and actor first appeared as the time-travelling action hero in Doctor Who in 2005, and then starred in spin-off Torchwood from 2006 to 2011.

Now, according to the Post Gazette, John revealed at a press conference for The CW's Arrow, in which he stars, that Captain Jack is to make a comeback, of sorts.

John said: "I do know that we're doing three or four radio plays for the BBC for Torchwood.

"My sister and I are discussing the possibility of writing one of them and whether or not that leads to something [on TV]...

"But I'm full-time with Arrow now. It's not a question of me not wanting to do it, it's a question of the BBC wanting to do it or others wanting to do Torchwood. I know the fans are out there so I think they'd be silly not to."

The actor also revealed that the Arrow producers are Torchwood and Doctor Who fans, which is how he landed the role of Malcolm Merlyn in the action series.

"They've always said, 'If you need to go and do a special, we'll let you go do it'," he said.

John revealed one of the plays will feature the whole Torchwood team, while the others will be "character-based".

He said executive producer Julie Gardner and head writer Russell T Davies are both involved, adding: "It's the team back together."

In an interview in July 2014, John had said he did not know if he would ever play Captain Jack again, after Russell had passed on Doctor Who to Steven Moffat.

He said: "When somebody comes in and takes over from the team that were there when you were there, they tend to cut a lot of stuff and go in their direction.

"If you're not in that plan then there's nothing you can do about it. That's a BBC decision, it's not my decision. I would love to do it, but I might never be on Doctor Who or Torchwood again."


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