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Barrymore: I won't slim down yet

Drew Barrymore says she won't be losing her baby for a while - because her husband loves his food so much.

The 39-year-old actress has two children, Frankie, who is six-months-old, and two-year-old Olive with art consultant Will Kopelman.

She told E! News that her hubby had made it "impossible to lose my baby weight!"

"He's such an eater," she said. "And I love food, too, so this baby weight is going to stay on for a while. It's just not easy with him because he is such a foodie.

"Date night is always about trying a new restaurant or eating food on the couch [and] watching Top Chef - which we did last night."

On Tuesday, Drew Instagrammed a picture of herself painting her nails on the subway.

"I love commuter beauty," she told E! News. "I am always on the elevator, in my rear-view mirror, on the subway doing my nails and my make up - you name it."


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