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Bashir quits over anti-Palin gibe

Martin Bashir has resigned from the MSNBC US TV network, nearly three weeks after making graphic remarks on the air about former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

In an email, the interviewer expressed hope that the network could move beyond the distraction of what he called "my ill-judged comments".

Last month, Bashir had suggested that someone defecate in Palin's mouth because of a statement she made comparing the United States' indebtedness to China with slavery.

He apologised days later, but controversy continued to rage.

Bashir's exit after three years at MSNBC leaves a hole in the network's afternoon schedule.

His remarks, and subsequent departure, have coincided with MSNBC's firing of Alec Baldwin from his weekly talk show after two weeks for using an anti-gay slur in a New York City street encounter.

Bashir first came to prominence when he interviewed Diana, Princess of Wales.


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