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Bateman admits he's a Belieber

Jason Bateman has revealed he shed tears as he watched a film about Justin Bieber.

The 42-year-old actor went to see Justin Bieber: Never Say Never with wife Amanda and their four-year-old daughter Francesca, and soon found himself emotionally moved by the story.

"The movie is fantastic, it's a great documentary and in 3D so we had the glasses on, but midway through the film, I'm bawling like a little schoolgirl," he admitted to US talk show hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on Regis & Kelly.

The Paul actor added: "It's very touching. I was hoping that the pools of tears would not break through the bottom of the glasses and flood my cheeks, and 'out' me to my wife. And she takes off her glasses, wipes her face and looks over at me and I surrender. We look at each other and hold each other."

Jason - whose next big-screen outing is Horrible Bosses with The Switch co-star Jennifer Aniston - has now been converted into a Justin fan, also known as a Belieber.

"I am a Belieber, but I wasn't one until the week before watching the film. My four-year-old daughter, who disturbingly has the Bieber fever - I think my wife has been playing a lot of Top 40 on the way to school - demanded that we take her to see that movie," he added.


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