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Bates: I want Harriet to be scruffy

Kathy Bates has revealed she'd like her Harry's Law character to be much scruffier than she is.

The Oscar-winning actress plays Harriet, a tough-talking lawyer who runs her practice from a shoe shop, in the new US series.

The role was originally written for a man, but when producers failed to find the right actor they gave the role to the Misery star instead.

Kathy said it was a relief to play such a grumpy, straight-talking character, as female characters are rarely written like that, but said she was disappointed they'd glammed up the character.

She said: "Originally the man was very rumpled and had stained [clothes] and was messy and that all appealed to me but of course the end of that story was that I'm looking really nice, with a lot of nice make-up and hair so it went in the opposite direction to that.

"I think I really would have liked her to be a bit more unkempt and to not care about her appearance but I gather that wouldn't come over too well on TV where everyone's supposed to look smashing."

But the actress joked that she's trying to make Harriet a bit less glamorous in her own sneaky way.

She said: "I tried to do little things for her, she hates wearing high heels and I'd love her to be rubbing her feet in one scene but I haven't been able to get that one in yet.

"I'd like more gritty stuff for her but [at the moment] it's more about keeping that blunt funny side without going overboard without being too nasty or too blue."

:: Harry's Law continues on Mondays on the Universal Channel.


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