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Bates Motel promises raunchy return

Bates Motel will be much raunchier when it returns to our screens, the cast has promised.

The TV show, which is a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho, stars Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates and English actor Freddie Highmore as her murderous son Norman.

The cast celebrated their second season with a party in Hollywood and speaking on the red carpet, co-star Olivia Cooke said the return to the screen will be much racier.

The British star, who plays Emma Decody, said: "There are a lot of new characters and new love interests, it's a lot more sexy than last season, it' s a lot racier. Plus you're visiting a very familiar demon again so it's nice to have the family back together."

But despite their British similarities, Olivia said there is still a great divide between her and co-star Freddie.

She joked: "Me and Freddie are very different, he's from London and I'm from Manchester so I'm very common compared to him. He goes to Cambridge and none of my family has been to university, it's crazy that I'm here."

Nestor Carbonell, who plays Sheriff Alex Romero, said the second season would be even more dramatic than the first.

"There is going to be carnage, expect a lot of twists and great misbehaviour. My character is a control freak like Norma so our heads butt a lot.

"The heart of the show is a mother and son, a dysfunctional maternal relationship where the big question is asked, is a psychopath born or bred? How much is nature? How much is nurture? How much dysfunctional love is too much? Is Norma slightly responsible in the way she mothers him?"

Bates Motel is due to return to the Universal Channel in April.


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