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Battery hen task for BB housemates

Big Brother contestants are used to being penned in, but the 13 housemates need to survive in even more cramped conditions if they want to avoid eviction this week.

They have been told to dress up as chickens and stay in battery-style cages for as long as they can to gain immunity from next week's public vote.

The garden has been set up with long compact cages in a row with a separate compartment for each of the 13 hopefuls.

While in the coops, they must sit on their eggs at all times unless they are feeding, when every hour Big Brother's farmer will enter the garden and fill up all the chicken troughs with sweet popcorn.

Once the farmer has done his rounds, chickens are free to graze; however, they must eat all of the feed in their trough by the time the farmer is due to come out for the next feed or they will be out of the game.

Big Brother set the following rules for the contestants: Housemates cannot leave the coop unless on an allocated toilet break; they must eat feed with their mouths, not their hands; if the housemates do not eat all of the feed in the troughs when the cock-a-doodle-doo sounds they are out of the game; if contestants spill any feed out of their troughs they must put it back in with their hands; housemates must not fall asleep; housemates must not eat, drink or smoke anything apart from the water and feed provided - including while on their toilet breaks.


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