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BBC DJ Scott Mills tells of 'terror' at charity tower challenge

BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills said he's terrified and having sleepless nights ahead of his upcoming Children in Need challenge.

Mills is set to abseil down the 400ft Blackpool Tower after being challenged to take it on by Sir Terry Wogan.

To prepare for the terrifying feat, Mills joined the Royal Marines for training, which he said was equally challenging, adding: "After half an hour I just wanted to go home and cry."

He was put through his paces by the marines, doing an assault course and training on a 30ft wall to help him prepare for Blackpool Tower.

Talking to the Press Association he said: "The wall we were training on was 30ft, Blackpool Tower is 400ft. My legs were shaking and I could hardly step off it so I don't really know if I'm going to be able to do this."

Mills said he's not an adrenalin junkie at all, adding: "I'm the kind of person that doesn't even go on roller coaster rides, I just go on the tea cups. I hate anything like that, anything that is remotely scary or involves speed or heights, I'm not good."

The DJ also admitted fear of heights was his main concern and "the thing that is terrifying me the most".

Sir Terry challenged him on air, saying: "Doing this for BBC Children in Need will make you the bravest chap in all of the country and a real Children In Need hero!"

Viewers will be able to watch Mills take on the challenge during the BBC Children in Need appeal show on Friday 13 November on BBC One at 19:30.


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