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BBC dominates ITV in most-watched TV shows of 2016

The BBC is winning the battle for the biggest shows of 2016, despite Saturday's final of The Voice attracting only half the viewers of ITV's Britain's Got Talent.

Every one of the 10 most-watched programmes of the year so far has been broadcast by BBC1.

In first place is Sherlock, which attracted 11.6 million viewers on New Year's Day.

The rest of the top 10 is taken up almost entirely with episodes of Call The Midwife.

The figures were compiled by the Press Association using data from the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (Barb).

Some nine million people tuned in for Saturday's return of Britain's Got Talent, making it ITV's most-watched show of the year to date. The figure included ITV+1 and ITV HD.

But it was not enough to overtake the programme in last place in the top 10 - an episode of EastEnders broadcast on New Year's Day which attracted 9.4 million viewers.

The figure for Britain's Got Talent could go up when consolidated ratings are published by Barb next week.

ITV will also be hoping the show adds more viewers as the series continues. Last year's final attracted 12.8 million people, enough to make it the second most-watched programme of 2015.

The biggest show of last year was the final of the BBC's Great British Bake Off, which pulled in 15.1 million viewers.

Here are the 10 most-watched programmes of 2016 so far:

1. Sherlock, BBC1 (January 1) 11.6 million

2. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (March 6) 10.9 million

3. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (February 28) 10.2 million

4. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (February 7) 10.1 million

5. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (January 17) 9.9 million

6. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (January 24) 9.8 million

7. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (February 21) 9.7 million

8. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (February 14) 9.6 million

9. Call The Midwife, BBC1 (January 31) 9.5 million

10. EastEnders, BBC1 (January 1) 9.4 million


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