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BBC presenter bares all for naked interview

BBC Radio Sheffield DJ Rony Robinson was speaking to a naturist as part of the station’s week-long discussion about body image.

BBC Radio Sheffield DJ strips off for live interview with naturist (BBC/PA)
BBC Radio Sheffield DJ strips off for live interview with naturist (BBC/PA)

BBC Radio Sheffield presenter Rony Robinson has presented part of his show naked for an interview with a naturist.

Robinson was speaking to a male guest from British Naturism who also agreed to strip off for the half-hour chat. There was a countdown and both were heard taking their clothes off while live on air.

The interview was part of a regular feature on the show called “Baring All” where a local guest is invited to talk about their life and what’s shaped them as a person.

During the interview they discussed how social nudity can make people feel better about themselves and can even improve behaviour.

Robinson said as the two men undressed: “I couldn’t stop but look at your private parts at that moment, you didn’t look at mine though, do you want to have a look… no great shakes eh? I feel much better!”

Presenters on BBC Radio Sheffield have been discussing theme of body image and nudity all week. On Monday the station launched The Naked Podcast where two reporters, Kat Harbourne and Jenny Eells, record a series of podcasts naked.

On his naked chat, Robinson said: “This is a bit of an adventure for me! I decided to strip off for the interview because the naked podcasters are so amazing and I thought a bloke should have a go too.

“I hope that by doing the interview and discussing how people’s bodies are often a bit funny or different will make it easier for other people, particularly men, to accept their own hang-ups about their bodies.”

His naturist guest, Mark Darren, said: “Doing a naked interview might make me seem a bit odd but if one person feels happier about themselves, or is a little less judgmental and brightens somebody else’s day it is a price I’m more than happy to pay.

“Casting off your clothes and insecurities makes you a much happier person, so I recommend people at least try it.”



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