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BBC repeat as presenters Ciara Riddell and Angie Phillips wear 'same' dresses

By Joanne Sweeney

There are few things more embarrassing for women than turning up at an event wearing the same dress as someone else.

But BBC NI presenters Ciara Riddell and Angie Phillips laughed it off when they both appeared on air yesterday in lace dresses in exactly the same colour.

The news reader and weather forecaster turned up for work for Newsline looking fantastic in their cobalt blue dresses.

But viewers may well have done a double take when Ciara handed over to Angie for the weather report, as it appeared they were wearing the same dresses.

Although the outfits were startlingly similar, eagle-eyed fashion lovers recognised that they were not actually the same outfit, as they had different neck, sleeve and waist details.

However, they were similar enough for the broadcasters to pose for a photograph together later with Angie tweeting the message: 'With my BBC Newsline twin Ciara Riddell today!' She told the Belfast Telegraph that she hadn't a clue why she chose to wear her blue lace dress from Monsoon that particular morning.

"I usually plan what I'm going to wear on air and leave it out the night before as it's too early in the morning to do that," said the mother-of-three.

"I've worn it several times before on the programme and I must have it for a year or so.

"I happened to notice Ciara in make-up at around 5.45am when I came in and thought initially it was just the same colour.

"But then I noticed that we were both wearing lace and in the same colour.

"But there was nothing to do but just laugh about it.

"It's not every day that sort of thing happens and it probably won't happen again."

News reader Ciara said that she will probably never wear the dress on television again and will stick to her work "uniform" from now on.

The mother-of-two added: "We did look a bit like twins as our skin and hair colouring is also very similar.

"I think Angie's dress was a lot more expensive than mine as I bought mine in a sale from M&S in the spring.

"I might just stick to what I normally wear to work from now on - trousers, a vest top and a jacket."

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