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BBC staff in mad dash to stop Nolan getting parking ticket


Presenter Stephen Nolan. Photo: Mark McCormick

Presenter Stephen Nolan. Photo: Mark McCormick

Presenter Stephen Nolan. Photo: Mark McCormick

BBC staff were involved in a mad dash to prevent presenter Stephen Nolan from getting a parking ticket.

Presenter Chris Buckler revealed the lengths staff go to at Ormeau Avenue headquarters in order to prevent the host of the biggest radio show in the country from getting stung.

It was after the broadcaster abandoned his car in Belfast city centre as he was running late to catch a flight.

He was speaking on Good Morning Ulster just after the thought for the day segment which concerned inconsiderate drivers.

"Was that written with Stephen Nolan in mind?" Buckler asked the Rev Steve Stockman

"I'll tell you a story," he told the flagship Radio Ulster show listeners.

"Last week Mr Nolan was heading to Vegas for the Mayweather, McGregor fight and he abandoned his car outside Glengall Street [at Belfast's Great Victoria Street bus and rail station] because he had slept in.

"And a message was sent back to the building to try to get him to move the car from the bus stop before he got caught. Of course he had taken the keys to America with him.

"Somehow someone had to get the spare keys from his house in order to move the car before they got him in the bus stop."

Nolan has regularly complained on his radio show of getting parking tickets saying BBC management refuse to give him a parking space.

Chris Buckler was a one-time director in one of Stephen Nolan's companies.

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