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BBC's Stephen Nolan gets dressing down for filming mum shop in dressing gown in Tesco

By Laura Abernethy

He may be one of the BBC's top names - but it doesn't spare Stephen Nolan a telling-off from his mum.

Nolan got on the wrong side of his mother after he followed her around a supermarket while she shopped in her dressing gown - and streamed it live on Facebook.

The BBC heavyweight posted the video of his tortured mum Audrey and her friend Betty as they picked up some groceries.

But his clearly-irked mother was not in the mood for any larking about, telling him to "p*** off".

Audrey has been mostly housebound in the last few weeks.

She has been seen going in and out of Kingsbridge Private Hospital on the Lisburn Road with Nolan, where she has been treated for a sore shoulder.

Nolan was anchoring Radio 5 Live's coverage of events in Nice and Turkey on Friday and Saturday, but flew home yesterday morning to take Audrey out for lunch... in her dressing gown.

He told the Belfast Telegraph: "Now that she has a walking stick, I think I need police protection.

"Big Audrey likes to hit me with it, especially when I call her Vera Duckworth. I can't imagine why.

"Let's put it like this, I'm not too sure the posh Strangford residents knew what had hit them on Sunday with the sight of a 75-year-old woman in a dressing gown telling a BBC presenter to p*** off and hitting him over the head with her walking stick.

"But that's why I love Big Audrey so much. She doesn't change who or what she is for anybody. Hopefully I can live my life like that too."

Nolan explains to viewers: "I've just got back from London and my mum hasn't been too well.

"She's out in her dressing gown and she said 'Don't let anyone see me in my dressing gown' so I'm putting her on Facebook Live and she really, really will go ballistic.

"She'll probably hit me or something."

As he goes into the store in the search for his mum, he adds: "You'll probably hear her before you see her. She's walking around in her dressing gown like Vera Duckworth."

As he pushes the camera into her face, she tells him to p*** off and tries to escape.

He laughs and says: "I do love her. She hasn't been well and has had a really sore shoulder and has been really sore so this is my attempt to get her out and have a laugh today.

"I just torture her non-stop."

His mum tries to get her own back with a few subtle jibes.

Nolan asks her to tell his 65,000 Facebook followers how much weight he's lost and she shouts that he's put weight on.

Then when his mum comments on the price of washing powder, Nolan says: "You can't call Tesco a 'dear hole'."

She quickly responds: "You're paying for everything so you can call it what you like."

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