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Bear Grylls brings spectacular one-man show Endeavour tour to Belfast SSE Arena


Bear Grylls bring his one-man show Endeavour to Belfast.

Bear Grylls bring his one-man show Endeavour to Belfast.

Bear Grylls bring his one-man show Endeavour to Belfast.

Adventurer - and Co Down man - Bear Grylls is bringing his survival expertise to Belfast's SSE Arena.

The 41-year-old, from Donaghadee, has carved a name for himself through high-octane TV programmes such as Man Vs Wild, Born Survivor, Running Wild, and The Island.

However, while the out doors may be his playground - he is bringing his skills and knack for endurance indoors, to the indoor SSE Arena.

The 12-date tour kicks off in London on October 7 and comes to Belfast on October 18 before heading to Dublin on October 19.

Using state-of-the-art technology audiences will join the adventurer as he transports them to multiple environments in this edge-of-your-seat, action-packed two hour show.

Celebrating some of the greatest feats of courage, endurance and endeavour through the ages, fans will witness the heroism and adventure that have shaped our world.

Bear will guide the audience on a journey, uncovering true life stories of survival from frozen Antarctica and the cruel winds of Everest, to the humid jungle and shark-infested waters.  The audience will be swept into the heart of the action, with worlds that appear and fade away before them, they will see the tiny detail of rock crumbling beneath Bear’s feet as he climbs and witness him seemingly swimming with sharks before their very eyes. 

Through dizzying aerial stunts and intimate storytelling, Bear will reveal the wonder of our planet and the important value of mankind’s indomitable human spirit.

Bear Grylls said: “I am so excited to see this show truly come to life, and to be able to take people on this incredibly inspiring journey of courage, heroism and survival against all the odds.

"With Endeavour we harness so much ground-breaking new technology to take the audience on a very intimate, immersive and at times terrifying journey through some of the greatest and most unknown feats of exploration.

"It is a truly uplifting experience this show, and I am so proud of it - and it reminds us all that at the heart of so many of mankind's greatest achievements and hair raising adventures is this one word: Endeavour.”

Endeavour is produced in association with Bear Grylls Ventures and by arrangement with Peters Fraser + Dunlop.

Tickets go on sale on Friday, April 29 at 9am from Ticketmaster.

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