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Bear Grylls' masculinity branded useless in modern life by artist Grayson Perry

Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry has dismissed adventurer Bear Grylls as a "hangover" of a "useless" type of masculinity.

Perry has turned his attention to masculinity and manly men for a new Channel 4 TV series and said Grylls shows the kind of qualities that are not useful in modern life.

He told the Radio Times: " He celebrates a masculinity that is useless. Try going into an estate agent in Finsbury Park and come out with an affordable flat.

"I want to see Bear Grylls looking for a decent state school for his child!"

Perry said the stoicism that is associated with modern masculinity is damaging and men should instead be more willing to speak about their feelings.

He told the magazine: "Men might be good at taking the risk of stabbing someone or driving a car very fast, but when it comes to opening up, men are useless."

He added: "Masculinity is a decorative feature that is essentially counter-productive."

In Grayson Perry: All Man, the dress-wearing artist puts himself in three ultra-male worlds to see what their masculinity explains about the changing lives and expectations of men in modern Britain.

In the first episode, entitled Hard Man, he will spend time with a group of cage fighters in the North East to explore the vulnerabilities behind the fighters' public personas.

In the next episode, called Top Man, he meets policemen and drug dealers to explore rank and territory and in the last episode, Rational Man, he spends time with traders and hedge fund managers.

The full interview can be read in the latest issue of Radio Times or at


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