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Beckham doubles dress sales in year

Victoria Beckham has gone from Posh Spice to Dosh Spice after sales of her designer dresses doubled in the last year.

The Spice Girl turned fashionista has posted sales of £30.39 million for her company Victoria Beckham Ltd last year, according to The Sun. That is double the previous year's sales figures of £15.76 million.

It means style queen Victoria - who walked away with the the Brand of the Year gong at the British Fashion Awards earlier this month - was selling £83,000 worth of her designer clobber a day.

But that shouldn't be too much of a surprise considering some of her dresses cost more than £2,000 each.

The rocketing sales are thought to be down to the launch of two mid-season collections and her new website.

And Posh is expected to rake in even more from her frocks next year after opening her flagship London store in Dover Street in Mayfair. So she is expected to boost her £1.3 million profit even higher for 2014.


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