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Beckham likes low-key beauty regime

Victoria Beckham may always appear glamorous in public, but she has revealed she hangs around the house in comfy clothes with no make-up on.

The former Spice Girl and fashion designer admitted she has a low maintenance regime and is more than happy to forego the cosmetics in an interview with

"I do quite like to have a day where I'm just hanging out in the house, in comfy clothes, catching up on books that I've wanted to read. That's a real treat for me. Just going about with no make-up on," she said.

Talking about her low-key routine, she continued: "I keep it quite simple with a really good polish, then an exfoliating cleanse, then I use a nourish cream, which is a really beautiful moisturiser.

"I just do that twice a day, and I think it's very important to drink lots of water and get as much sleep as you can. But when you have four children, that's easier said than done."

The 40-year-old mother-of-four also said she prefers having longer hair to her signature pixie haircut, because it's easier to manage.

"I loved my hair short, but the great thing about having long hair is you can do so much more with it. It's a lot easier," she said.

"That's what I like about long hair. But I don't know, maybe one day (I'll go short again), but for the moment I'm enjoying the fact that it's actually a lot easier to have the long hair. It's just effortless. Short hair always takes a lot longer to get looking right."

And Victoria revealed that her husband David often borrows her beauty bits, saying: "We share all of our beauty products."


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