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Beckhams call time on matching wear

Victoria Beckham has said she doesn't regret her past of wearing matching outfits with husband David, but she definitely wouldn't do it now.

The pair were known for co-ordinating outfits when they first got together, wearing get-ups such as matching Versace leather biker suits in 1999, but speaking about a charity wardrobe clear-out she is having, Victoria said those days were over.

According to Mail Online, she said of her clear-out: "It brought back a lot of happy memories, like the dress I wore years ago to the MTV awards, which was especially created for me by Dolce & Gabbana.

"This was when David and I were co-ordinated because that's what we did in those days. We wouldn't do it now, but it was fine at the time.

"The event was so fun - it was in Los Angeles and I remember getting dressed and how special I felt when I put on the dress."

Victoria is selling her old clothes via in aid of the charity mothers2mothers and said she hoped whoever ended up buying them would have as much fun in them as she had done.

She told Hello magazine: "I don't take any of this for granted at all. I enjoy every single moment.

"I've been so lucky to experience the things I've experienced and to meet the people I've met and I want to share that with people. And I hope these outfits will have more fun outings on somebody else."


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