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Beckinsale considers bigger brood

Kate Beckinsale has revealed she does think about having another baby.

The 39-year-old actress is mother to teenage daughter Lily from her relationship with Michael Sheen, but admitted she has thought about having a baby with her director husband Len Wiseman.

Kate said: "I do occasionally think about [having another child]. It's difficult, we're already balancing an unusual situation.

"My kid's grandparents are in London and we have two Dads. By some miracle we managed to make that work really well, so I do have a fear that if we throw another kid in, does it all become anarchy? But maybe, I'll think about it..."

The British star - who plays the villain in her husband's new film Total Recall - insists being a working mother goes well with acting.

She said: "In the beginning, it really was the best job to have with a child, because babies are very portable and as young children they can handle a new school every now and again. Then suddenly they're 10, and you can't do that any more.

"I'm moving into a different stage with my daughter, so I'm anticipating a little more free time while she's on Facebook."

Kate met Len when he directed her in the first Underworld film, and she swapped her home town of London for Los Angeles when they married in 2004. It took some getting used to and she still gets "really homesick".

"Obviously I was madly in love with Len and I was very happy to be in that relationship, but I did suddenly go, 'Oh, where did all the people go that knew me before everyone started taking pictures of me in the grocery store?'

"It's hard to know what's homesickness, and what's nostalgia for a different period of your life, but I do know I need to get home more regularly than once every couple of years."


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