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Beckinsale: Mum's my beauty icon

Kate Beckinsale has revealed she plans to age gracefully and avoid looking like the "wind-tunnel faces" she sees in Hollywood.

The Total Recall actress, who is based in Los Angeles, said she hoped to avoid plastic surgery and grow old like her 65-year-old actress mum Judy Loe instead.

The 38-year-old told Glamour magazine: "My mother was always very, very beautiful - she still is, in her sixties. I'm sure she feels, 'Wouldn't it be nice if my neck did this?' but not to the degree of cutting parts of herself off and dragging them behind her ears. I feel very similar.

"I much prefer how my mother looks to the people I see here (in LA) with wind-tunnel face."

Kate, who gave birth to daughter Lily with then-partner Michael Sheen in 1999, also attacked the pressure on new mothers to snap back into shape after pregnancy.

"There's an obsessional hatred of normal human processes. Pregnancy changes a woman's body and should. It isn't normal to not look like you've had a baby immediately after you've had a baby," she said.

"I was gigantic after I had Lily - I put on a good three and a half stone, and it didn't go until I stopped breast feeding... I was lucky that Britain wasn't so paparazzi-orientated [then].

"I was allowed to get on with it and enjoy my baby - and figure out what being a mother was all about instead of worrying about [fitting into] my f***ing jeans."


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