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Bedingfield not ready for kids yet

Natasha Bedingfield has admitted she doesn't feel ready for motherhood just yet.

The British pop star, who married Californian businessman Matt Robinson in March 2009, said she feels uncomfortable even talking about the topic, despite having a hit with I Wanna Have Your Babies in 2007.

"To even talk about having kids makes me hot. I want to take off a layer of clothing," the 29-year-old joked to

"I already gave up a little freedom by getting married. I'm not really ready to give up that freedom yet," she added.

Natasha - best known for songs like Unwritten and Pocketful Of Sunshine - also revealed she's happy with her curves.

"I have never had a stick-thin model, size-zero body. I definitely battled a lot of insecurities as a young girl," she said.

"The pressure on singers is 100-fold... but I decided not to starve myself to try and fit into the mould."


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