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Beeny annoyed by property snubs

Sarah Beeny has confessed she does find it annoying when people ignore her property advice.

The presenter first found fame on Channel 4's Property Ladder in 2001 and has a new series Double Your House For Half The Money, helping people add value to their property with innovative makeovers.

Sarah admitted: "It's a bit frustrating, definitely. But ultimately it's their house. A lot of people do take stuff on board, but others don't. I'm just there to suggest it though, so if they don't want to do it, that's fine.

"But often, people just haven't thought of something before, so I'll suggest something, and they'll go, "Oh my goodness, I hadn't thought of that', and then do it. That's really cool, everyone's a winner."

The property expert revealed her top tip is to consider flexibility when adapting a home, and bear the future in mind.

She said: "I guess one of the things I always trying to encourage is how important it is to future-proof a house, especially in a family. Flexibility is the key. You need a house that can fit younger children and older children with the smallest amount of changes."

:: Sarah's new series of Double Your House For Half The Money begins on Tuesday, August 20 at 8pm on Channel 4.


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