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Beeny: I always talk about divorce

Sarah Beeny has said she and her husband need to stop talking about divorce so much - because they are starting to worry their kids.

The 41-year-old TV presenter and her husband and business partner, Graham Swift, have been together since she was an 18-year-old and have four young sons together.

Sarah confessed in an interview with the Daily Mirror: "We argue all the time. I'll say 'I want to divorce you - you're horrible!' But doesn't everyone who's married?

"We need to stop using the D-word quite so much because the children are getting a bit concerned.

"Having said that they're probably so used to it. Now that they hear us mention 'divorce' and they're like, 'whatever!'."

The property expert revealed the couple even had a row during a romantic meal to mark their 10th wedding anniversary, and started talking about divorce.

"We did have an argument that night," Sarah admitted. "But when someone asked if we got separate taxis home and I said, 'Good God no, that would have been really expensive'.

"Arguing is fine, so long as you make up afterwards - and we made up the next day. I said, 'Shall we not get divorced then?' and he said, 'Nah, let's not'."


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