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Belfast Comic Con 2016 sees stormtroopers and Harleys invade city

By Staff Reporter

A squad of stormtroopers and a hundred Harley Quinns invaded east Belfast over the weekend for this year's Film and Comic Con.

Magneto mingled with Maleficent at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Ned Flanders was spotted chatting up the Black Widow, and even Batman and Superman put aside their differences for the day.

As costumed superheroes sweltered in the sizzling heat, fans inside geeked out to the memorabilia stalls and movie exhibits.

"Bought more stuff than I thought I would and joined the Federation too!" tweeted Andrew McMaster later.

Cult horror fans were delighted to see Robert Englund there, the slasher who terrorised Eighties teenagers as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Attracting attention was Sylvester McCoy, the former Doctor Who, while another popular star was Michael Biehn, the only Hollywood actor brave enough to take on both The Terminator and Aliens.

On Saturday many caused heads to turn in the city centre as they headed off to Comic Con's first after-party at Filthy McNasty's.

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