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Belfast screams for Katie Price juggernaut

The Katie Price juggernaut has taken Belfast by storm.

The former glamour model and mother-of-three spent time signing autographs and chatting to her adoring Ulster fans as she launched her new perfume at the CastleCourt shopping centre in Belfast yesterday.

Mass hysteria ensued as hordes of men, women and children keen for a moment with Katie excitedly chanted her name and formed a long queue that snaked through the city centre shopping complex ending outside in the rain.

Superfans were not put off one bit by the drizzle, as they patiently waited for a glimpse of the curvaceous millionaire model.

Fan Sharon Downey (32), a human resources manager from Newtownabbey, said she adored the clever businesswoman and that people who knocked Katie are jealous of her drive and success.

“I absolutely adore Katie Price. She’s an inspiration, a savvy businesswoman and a great mum.

“I aspire to be like her and I love her style. I have all of her perfumes and all of her books. I just love her.

“People criticise her because they don’t like women who stand up for themselves and have some b**ls. I think she is just fantastic.”

Zoe Burton (20), a receptionist from east Belfast, added: “I love her wild personality and I think she is fantastic. I love her style. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her.”

The decibel levels rocketed as teenage girls, made up like mini versions of the model, screamed in appreciation when Katie made her fashionably late entrance.

Stacey McCullough (13), from Dundonald, said: “I love her hair and her glamour. She’s a great role model.”

Teenage friends Carly McDade and Brooke Beck were over the moon to glimpse their role model.

Carly said: “She’s really pretty and girly. She’s really strong and holds herself together well on TV.”

Brooke added: “I love Katie's hair and I think she is gorgeous.”

Danny O’Connor (15), from north Belfast, said he was beside himself with excitement when he found out Katie was going to be in Belfast. “She’s such a good person and a good mum. She gets on normally. I love everything about her.”

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