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Belfast Zoo celebrates its little won-deer

By Claire Williamson

Meet Maximus the Southern pudu - one of the world's smallest deer.

Belfast Zoo has welcomed its latest arrival who was born to mother Jess and father Flynn on May 18 this year.

For the first few weeks, keepers were giving Jess and the fawn time to bond and have only recently discovered that the arrival is a male.

Southern pudu live in small herds, often made up of a male, female and their young.

With the arrival of Maximus, Belfast Zoo is now home to four of these deer.

Zoo curator Andrew Hope said: "Pudu are one of the smallest members of the true deer family. In fact, adult pudus measure only 43 centimetres in height when fully grown."

He added: "At birth the fawn was so small that it only weighed about 900 grams, which is less than a bag of sugar."

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