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Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill walk red carpet for Batman v Superman premiere

The premiere of Batman v Superman was closed to press interviews tonight following the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

Actors Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill ditched their alter egos' disguises to walk the red carpet at the European premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice in London's Leicester Square.

They had been due to conduct press interviews prior to the screening, but these did not go ahead.

The new film is Affleck's first outing as Gotham's masked vigilante, whose vendetta against Metropolis's Man of Steel leads to the ultimate superhero showdown, just as an even greater threat emerges that throws mankind into peril.

Joining forces with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), the two put their differences aside to stop Lex Luthor and his deadly creation Doomsday before Metropolis is destroyed.

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Luthor, and Gadot joined the pair for the premiere.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice zooms into cinemas on March 25.


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